When life gives you twists and turns, chique yourself up in Italy; and so we did.


“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t experience Venice through chocolate liqueurs. Sorry Truman Capote.


We experienced Venice through stylish buildings. Buildings that tell stories.

From boujee buildings to vintage buildings, and the list goes on.


We experienced Venice in consistent glow. Not sure what was in their bread but it did the magic.

P.S – Every meal came with bread.


At this point we were running late but I had to do it one more time for the birthday girl.


Finally, we got to Ponte Della Costituzione Bridge and the walk that came after this bridge was never ending. What made this walk even harder were the identical roads and building.


And then we made it to our destination!

Saint Mark’s Basilica 


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience the Gondola life but we met a lovely gentleman called Andrea who was our Cab driver that night. Andrea took us to a lovely restaurant!


So here’s the plot twist, Andrea came to pick us up after dinner and as we got near our hotel he said “Aaah you guys going home already?”, “Come-on, I’ll take you somewhere” then VROOM he drove off. We were in complete shock! Andrea took us to a lovely bar and stayed with us all night and even took us back home safely and for free. Men are not so trash I guess.



And then we ventured out to ROMA CITY!


First spot was The Colosseum. I am pretty sure the locals thought we were Destiny’s Children with the looks we were getting and I don’t even blame them because just like we experienced Venice in consistent glow, we did the same and even better in Rome.


And when I say glow, I mean Bagliore!


I still haven’t been able to get this glow back.

IMG_0128The story behind this rose is hilarious.

So whilst doing tourist like you do in Rome, a guy with a bunch of roses came over and gave us a rose and we were all giggling and mumbling “Awwe, so cute” and then as soon as we mumbled this, the guy was like:


We were like:


Then he was like:


Then he just pulled the rose out of my hand right before I took this beautiful picture. Do you see him? Testa di cazzo!!!! LOL


The buildings in Venice had so much style too. The colours, the graffiti; it was like a bigger Shoreditch.


And this ends my experience in Rome/ Venice. This trip taught me how important taking time out of your busy lifestyle and pampering yourself is and this holiday did just that.

I hope this post was as fun to read as it was to write.

– With Love, Laré

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